My name is Ture Skouboe. Im a movie scriptwriter with a long past in Illustration, Design and animation. This page is a demonstration of my work.

My first children´s book “Hvis Du Virkelig Virkelig Elsker Mig”(If You Really Really Love Me) Is about a brave knight who, after rescuing the beautyfull princess from the evil skeleton king, has to prove his love to her again and again to win her heart and half the kingdom.

The Cartoon D´or tribute award statuette design.

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This is my design for the Cartoon D´or tribute award statuette that is given to the winners at the cartoon festival in France. 


“Blodig Høst” or in English “Bloody Harvest” is sort of my life work. It is a zombie splatter horror movie from the dark Jutlandian countryside. I am writing script and making storyboard right now and try to gather ressources and manpower enough to get it done. This is what im putting my whole life force into. Hopefully, if all goes well in a couple of years we will start shooting the first scenes.

See more in the “Film” menu or go to www.blodighoest.dk to follow the process.

The cartoon version of me.

Not only do I love cartoons, im now also a charakter myself. Check this little animated film out from TAW. And I´ve got my very own battery shop! Till these two intergalactic morons blow it up offcaurse! EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH….Yay!

Working on "Princess"(Zentropa)

For almost a year I worked on Anders Morhentahlers adult cartoon Princess at Zentropa. The film was shown at cannes a couple of years ago. It didnt win any awards, but working in such a big team  of creative minds was mindblowing.

Lead animator on Swing King

A couple of years ago our school made a collaboration with DADIU and we produced this little cute game called Swing King. It was a fun expierience!

Charakter Design (Click on the picture to enlarge)

I allways liked to design charakters for comics and cartoons. I been at The Animation Workshop and I learned to 2D and 3D animate aswell. Seeing my own design come to life in animation is just fantastic. The Animation Workshop in Viborg (DK) is highly recomentable for its good teachers and facilities. Also Escola De Comic Joso in Barcelona is good if you like charakter design and comics, the only thing is that the teaching is in Spanish, but they do amazing work. See more in the “Drawing” menu.

Design (Click on the picture to enlarge)

I studied Illustration and graphic design at the Design School in Kolding (DK) aswell. They taught me to think outside the box and be innovative. To expierience so many different talents at one place was absolutly amazing and every day was full of inspiration and new challanges.

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